Grout can be described as a thin mixture of water, sand, and cement or lime which is mainly used to fill in the spaces between the tiles that are fixed to the walls. It is considered an important fluid-like substance that plays a very important role in the process of Tile installation. It also helps in the maintenance and the longevity of tile that is installed at our home. Tiling Tools dealers in Ghaziabad provide the best Tiles of different patterns at affordable rates and also advise about using the type of grout for the tile installation process. For the lifespan of tiles, grout type plays a huge role and for different applications, different grout types will be appropriate.

Mentioning below the types of Grout used while the process of Tile Installation:

  1. Epoxy : 
  • Epoxy Grouts are considered the most useful and durable grout choices as they hold up against harsh cleaners and they are resistant to stains and water damage.
  • This type of grout is a great choice especially for kitchens backsplashes and in bathroom installations as these are the places where moisture and food will be present.
  • A professional tile installer is recommended for epoxy grout while the tile installation process as epoxy grout provides limited time to finish grouting before it sets and becomes too hard to work with.
  • Epoxy Grout doesn’t require a sealer, it saves time and money both in the long run. Therefore it is considered as the most expensive grout.

2. Sanded

  • Cement-based grout is known as Sanded grout as here the sand is added to the mixture.
  • As Sand is resistant to cracking and shrinking it will help with slip resistance in wet areas and it will also create a bond within the grout making.
  • In installations with grout lines that are wider than 1/8th inch for them Sanded grout is most suitable. For eg -Glass tile.

3. Non Sanded : 

  • Grout which is used for smaller grout joints that have spacing between 1/16th and 1/8th inch and it is also cement based is known as Non Sanded Grout.
  • If this type of grout is used in larger grout joints then it may crack because of the lack of sand which creates a bonding effect and also because of too much shrinkage.
  •  On vertical walls this type of Non-Sanded Grout is easier to work as it has a sticky property and during the application, it will stay.

Hence, it is very important to recognize which type of grouting will be used in various types of tile installation work. Injection grouting is a process to fill the cracks, open joints, voids, or honeycombs with pressure and for this process, Injection grouting pumps are required. Alpha marketing is known as the best Injection grouting pump dealers in Delhi who provides it at the best price.

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